T-1 Week (and Counting!)

As you may already know, in one week, I will be leaving Australia to travel to the Philippines with my school missions team. The trip is three weeks long and all 25 of us on the team are super excited to see the change that God will bring both in our lives and the lives of others. However, we can’t do this trip alone – which is why we need you.

When we go to the Philippines, we’re going to experience all kinds of crazy new things. We’re going to be exposed to different environments, people and situations. It’s going to be challenging and eye-opening. The only way we’ll be able to achieve anything while we’re over there is with the strength that God gives us.

We would love it if you would partner with us in prayer. To me personally, knowing that there will be a whole bunch of people praying for us back home in Australia is incredibly comforting. Here’s a couple of things which we would specifically like you to pray for:

The safety of the missions team: Obviously, we would love it if you prayed for our physical safety, but even more so, please pray for our spiritual safety.

That people’s hearts would be open and willing to receive God’s word: While in Manila, we will spend some time ministering to people in the slums. We will also be visiting various churches and ministries to share with them. Please pray that these people, along with any others we may encounter, will have their hearts softened by God and will listen to the words we say.

Peace, wisdom and clarity to speak God’s word: Perhaps one of the most frightening aspects of going to the Philippines will be sharing our testimony with strangers. It’s something most of us haven’t done before, and we’re worried that we will not be able to speak clearly when put on the spot. Please pray that we will have peace, trusting that God will give us the right words to say.

Rehoboth Children’s Home: When we go to the orphanage, we will be spending some quality time with the children and workers there. It will be a hard-working but enjoyable week for all involved. Please pray not only for the short time that we will be visiting the Children’s Home, but also for the long term needs of Rehoboth: sustainable finances, strong faith, and a forever home for each of the children there.

Thanks, and please remember to keep us in your prayers.

(The dates of the missions trip are 20th June – 10th July).