Annie learns Tagalog in 50 Days


On that note, I figure that it’s time for an update. At the end of last term, we had a fundraiser at school for Rehoboth Children’s Home in the Philippines. For those who don’t know, Rehoboth has been experiencing severe financial difficulties recently as one of their major sponsors has pulled out. Our fundraiser went extremely well, and we were able to raise about $1000, with which we will be able to bless Rehoboth. I ask all of you reading this to pray for the right outcome at the Children’s Home.

The fundraiser was more than just a monetary success, though. The missions team managed to work together very efficiently and with a deeper level of community which had not been present before the fundraiser. It’s great to know that we are all becoming closer as a team, and it will be exciting to watch our relationships grow as God continues to unify us.

In the next few months, it would be great if you could pray for the team as we start church presentations and final preparations. And of course, we’re going to need a lot of prayer when we actually fly out to the Philippines on Friday, 20th of June.

The 50 Day Tagalog Challenge

I am completely aware that I can’t master a language in 50 days. I’m a full-time year twelve student with bucket loads of homework trying to balance both a social life and a multitude of extra-curricular hobbies. BUT, despite all this, I would really like to learn at least some Tagalog before I head over to the Philippines. That’s the purpose behind my 50 Day Tagalog Challenge.

I may not be able to have lengthy or deep conversations by the end of these 50 days, but with some practice, I hope to be able to know at least a little, basic, conversational Tagalog. So, here’s the plan: just like anything, learning a language requires dedication, commitment, and practice. I’ll spend at least 15 minutes a day learning and practicing new words and phrases. And then (just to annoy my friends 😉 ) I’ll throw as many Tagalog words and phrases into everyday conversation as I can. (Who knows, maybe I’ll even end up downloading some Filipino music and movies?)

Thank you for joining me on my Philippines journey.
God bless, Annie May